Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Abbott and Hockey's twilight war

Abbott and Hockey's twilight war

Abbott and Hockey's twilight war

Bob Ellis 30 April 2014, 12:30pm 174

Signs of a twilight war between Hockey/Cormann and Abbott/Credlin grow by the hour, as Liberal MPs ready for revolt over the unaffordable PPL and the new deceit tax.

Pensions at seventy (Hockey) have tanked after private polling, but
so have the billionaires’ baby bonus (Abbott), and the Great Big New Tax
(Hockey) is now the go — thus proving you can tax your way to
prosperity and it well may be that Abbott no longer has any power over
policy, any more.

It’s likely, too, that both camps will be dangerously stained by the onrolling “culture of criminality” ICAC show
that, in the next month, will start a good few bribesters grassing and
more Liberal MPs resigning their party membership. It’s pretty certain
Abbott has had a meal or two with Di Girolamo
(he’s had a meal or two with me) and pretty likely he’s received, in
the past, good money from that thug’s poisoned water hole for one or
more of his campaigns, and so ‒ perhaps ‒ has Hockey.

Never before has a government eight months in power had so little authority.

Never before has a Prime Minister looked such a dumb-bum.

No Newspoll, though one is due, came out yesterday. This indicates a
precipitous fall in the Lib/Nat vote two-party-preferred in an honest
count that has been suppressed and a big surge to Palmer, who now
controls eleven seats in various assemblies and will control the Federation, pretty much, on July 1. It’s certain his power will grow
and Abbott’s shrink in the next week, and the next month, and the
notion that Abbott has power ‒ power over anything ‒ will be out of date
by June.

By then, Scott Morrison will be in the searchlights of the Senate and
the Governor-General and may be on a slow march to prison for
harbouring two murderers and covering up thirty or forty atrocities that
it was his duty to reveal to the voters, not to mention his new his “Cambodian solution”. By then, it may well become evident that Abbott has drop-kicked to corporate mates not just the universities’ money but the decade-long search for MH370
in the wrong part of the ocean at a cost, over time, of hundreds of
millions of dollars that could have been better spent elsewhere.

No precedent exists for the present situation, the present crisis in our democracy.

In the Caribbean, in South America, in some former African colonies
there have been governments as hated and mendacious as this one. But
never here.

It’s likely now that, not just Shorten, but Palmer, and Plibersek,
and Albanese, and Hockey, and Turnbull, would beat Abbott in a
face-to-face poll as preferred Prime Minister. It’s likely the Liberals’
‘core’ vote, never more than 32 percent, is down now to 25 or 26, and
the party, long-term, is crashing and burning like the Democrats after Meg Lees signed on to the GST.

It’s hard to imagine a worse lead-up to a Budget in peacetime.

And so it goes.

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