Friday, 21 February 2014

The Inequity of Inequality

The Inequity of Inequality

Article by John Lord

"The problem is the politics.

In Australia, although not yet at the same level as the US,
inequality is manifesting itself in a similar fashion. At the end of
Peter Costello’s tenure as treasurer he was asked why the rich had
become 7% richer. His answer was to say that at least the poor had not
become poorer.

The present treasurer bumbling Joe Hockey has said that.

“The bottom line is we have to lift the tide so that all boats rise,”

This is akin to Thatchers.

‘’The poor will be looked after by the drip down effect from the rich’’

Time has proven this a nonsense. So will Hockey’s.

The government’s actions since the election have been anything but an
attempt to bridge the gap. To the contrary there has been an
unashamedly concerted effort to take from those less well of (there is
no need for me to list them) and give to the rich. And all indications
suggest that this will continue with unabated irrationally."

Excerpt from John Lord's Article

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