Friday, 21 February 2014

Things we CAN afford.

Things we CAN afford.

Article by Kaye Lee

I know times are tough and that we will all have to tighten our belts (well so the government keeps telling me).  The list of things we can’t afford grows longer and more depressing every day.
But take heart.  The list of things we can afford is also growing.
We can afford to spend $9.5 billion over the next four years locking innocent people up in offshore detention camps (though that figure might lower as we kill them off).
We can afford to use a naval flotilla to ward off a few fishing boats.  Under Operation Sovereign Borders two frigates, seven patrol boats and numerous Customs vessels will patrol the seas between Christmas Island and Ashmore Reef and Indonesia.  Anzac Class frigates cost about $207,000-a-day to operate compared with $40,000-a-day for Armidale Class Patrol boats.
We can afford orange life rafts which cost about $50,000 each to leave on Indonesian beaches after one use each.
We can afford to make a gift of two patrol boats to the Sri Lankan Navy and even spend $ 2 million refurbishing them first.  Tiger shooting anyone?
We can afford $14 billion in fossil fuel subsides over the next four years because Lord knows they need our help.
We can afford to give $3 billion to the worst polluting companies.  This is not to save or create jobs, it’s a handout so they can upgrade their factories and lower their bills.

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