Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Don’t let the Abbott Government Budget get one over you « The Australian Independent Media Network

Don’t let the Abbott Government Budget get one over you « The Australian Independent Media Network

Don’t let the Abbott Government Budget get one over you

Tonight is the biggest test thus far for the Abbott Government.

It’s time for their Budget.

What looks like being a reverse Robin Hood Budget for the rich.

It will be a failure.

They won’t fail my test or even yours.

They will fail their own tests. Tests they repeated ad nauseam and will be measured against for years to come.

They will break promises. They will smack the least well off and increase their cost of living.

They will not ensure “every Australian” does the “heavy lifting”.

That’s a lie.

It will not be fair. It will not be just.

It will raise taxes.

They will impose a tax on healthcare and they will impose a tax on higher incomes as well as imposing higher taxes on fuel.

Broken promises. All of them.

They will increase the cost of living.

Mainly through the measures mentioned above.

Broken promises.

They will cut funding to education, health and the ABC and SBS.

More broken promises.

There is no credible budget emergency yet the least well off are
asked to shoulder an unnecessary rush to surplus at their own expense.

Abbott will spout the line: “Debt and deficit disaster”.

This Peta Credlin line will repeated over and over again and you are
expected to lap it up. It’s a focus grouped line designed to make you
swallow his harsh cuts.

Australia has a healthy economy and no economist accepts their arguments.

Rest assured the Abbott Government will not slug the well off and the rich.

There are $130B of concessions and subsidies the Abbott Government will not touch.

They will be asked to do no “heavy lifting”.

That is not “fair” as the government says it is.

It will all be on the backs of the most vulnerable.

Highly unAustralian and damaging to the Australian way of life.

We are more than just an economy.

We are a society and society under Abbott is that little bit more unfair as the gap between the rich and poor widens even more.

There is a revenue problem, not a spending problem, yet there will be
no structural change to revenue raised from the higher end of town,
just short term measures.

Meanwhile, the entire social safety net is being recast permanently.

Keep an eye on the IPA and their wish list of 75 demands of an Abbott Government.

There are some mysterious connections between the IPA and this Abbott Government.

Why is the IPA writing Abbott Government policy and who are they? Who funds them? Why don’t we know?

Keep an eye on this corporate Abbott Government. They are trying to get one over you.

Remain vigilant and spread the word about their deception.

The core & non-core argument is being honed by the Abbott Government as we speak.

Sadly, for you them we’ve seen this show before and we know how it ends.

If you have any specific thoughts or concerns about the Abbott
Government’s budget and its impact on you and your family or their
connection to rich vested interests and the IPA please email me on matthew4surfers@gmail.com

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