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Hockey's Gold

Hockey's Gold

Hockey’s Gold


Hasn’t Hockey come a long way from Jovial Joe?  Once upon a time, Joe
was the friend of ‘everyman’ trekking with Rudd on the Kokoda Track,
and gaining substantial publicity for himself via promotion of this
persona on Sunrise and other publicity stunts, and with the gall to wear Shrek ears:

I’ll protect ya, Fiona. I’ll protect ya. It’s unlawful, Fiona. The good government is gonna rescue you, Fiona.”

Somehow that persona, and much to the bewilderment of many,
mysteriously evaporated; and I would date it from around the time that
Hockey decided that he had the need to divest himself of, what shall we
call it. . . ‘friendliness’, and to endow himself with some modicum of
‘seriousness’.  Therefore Jovial Joe seemingly overnight morphed into an
attack dog, vicious and nasty.

Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey has told a Liberal party rally in Melbourne that he “should have drowned” the newly appointed Prime Minister Kevin Rudd when he walked the Kokoda Track with him in 2006.

One should ask:  Why?  Clearly Hockey had spent considerable effort
being the jockey on the Rudd horse, but once his ‘you beaut mate’ Rudd
became PM, Rudd was clearly of no further use.

Rudd in his naiveté clearly believed that it was a genuine
friendship, inviting Hockey to his daughter’s wedding.  An invitation
which Hockey refused, supposedly at the instructions of John Howard. 
Hockey, however clearly believed that the ‘time was ripe’ for the old
switcheroo; bye, bye Jovial Joe and hello to the new Joe.

However for those somewhat closer to the coalface, of the real Joe Hockey; none of this and which was to follow, would have come as a surprise.  In December 2012, Michael Taylor wrote: ‘Joe Hockey, Welfare to Work, and a pack of damn lies’.

It is hard to keep a lie hidden forever, especially if you don’t dust over its tracks.

Things then became decidedly ickier . . .

The Courier Mail today ran a story revealing that would-be Treasurer Joe Hockey failed to declare a family interest for most of the duration of his Parliamentary life.

Mr Hockey declared the directorship of Steel Harbour Pty
Ltd held by his wife, Melissa Babbage, in May last year among a series
of “new positions” under spouse declaration rules. But business records
show Ms Babbage was appointed to the role in 1998.  Pecuniary interest
register declarations are supposed to be made within a month.

It seems that we now have bingo, and from the Sydney Morning Herald, and it should be noted that this comes from the ICAC investigations:

Treasurer Joe Hockey is offering privileged access to a select group including business people and industry lobbyists in return for tens of thousands of dollars in donations to the Liberal Party via a secretive fund-raising body whose activities are not fully disclosed to election funding authorities.

And the influence includes:

The FSC’s members, including financial advice and funds
management firms, stand to benefit from the changes to the Future of
Financial Advice (FOFA) laws being considered by the federal government,
which would involve a winding back of consumer protections introduced
by Labor.

Basically, what Joe Hockey is offering is access to one of the
country’s highest political offices in return for annual payments.  It
is clear that Hockey must now stand down.  Hockey is about to deliver a
budget which from all accounts will hit hard those least able to pay,
pensioners, the disabled and add a tax (a supposed ‘levy’), plus sell
off Australia Post, Defence Housing, Snowy Hydro and Australian Hearing;
and as recommended by the hand-picked Commission of Audit, while at the
same time demanding $22,000 for individuals to enter his inner
sanctum.  Come on Joe, who do you have already lined up as buyers?  And
do mates’ rates apply?

I encourage all to read the above quoted article by the Sydney Morning Herald’s Sean Nicolls, and draw your own conclusions.

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