Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Hockey plays chicken with the back bench. - - The Australian Independent Media Network

Hockey plays chicken with the back bench. - - The Australian Independent Media Network

Hockey plays chicken with the back bench.

Did Hockey really just “threaten” a
Double Dissolution? Dare we hope? You can literally hear the collective
gasp of anticipation rippling out over social media. The mere
possibility we may be able to get out of our electoral contract with
“Hobott” (yes I just made a couple contraction of Hockey/Abbott….),
before they manage to totally wreck the joint has people right across
the nation on the edge of optimism for the first time in months.

Much as I would love to join them in
preemptive celebration, I’m fairly certain Hockey is bluffing. It looks
to me like “Hobott” are, in the absence of any better plan, playing
chicken with their own back bench, and what we have here is an empty
threat designed to put the fear of impending unemployment into their own

Like all new parents, Hobott are deeply
proud of their first born budget, and would do almost anything to save
it’s little life; however I believe they will stop well short of a
family suicide pact, and opt instead to turn off it’s life support, and
hope their second child might fare a little better.

While Hobott have yet to give up on their first born, (like
all good parents, they are prepared to fight like caged tigers to see
their child survive, no matter what the collateral damage)
, Hockey’s recent rhetoric on the senate;

. . . it is disrupting the role of
government but if it just continually says no without any capacity to
negotiate an improved outcome, then the Senate becomes irrelevant,” he
said. “It’s simply a roadblock. We either have to smash through that
roadblock or the Australian people get the chance to change the

. . . is just their latest desperate salvo in a fight they are now beginning realise they may not be able to win.

Admittedly it’s a
brazen move, playing chicken with a DD when the polls are looking
totally hideous for them; but I predict Hobott will blink first and
abandon their much unloved bruiser of a budget in favor of a more mild
mannered progeny.

As Liberal elder statesman Malcom Fraser famously pointed out on QA,”Tony Abbott would do what he needed to do to have power“. According to Fraser Abbott is man who is capable of Olympic level back flips on policy… so watch this space!

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